Smart Work Zones

A "smart work zone system" is the application of technology to freeway transportation and would possess the following general characteristics:

  • Real-time: The system obtains and analyzes traffic flow data in real-time, providing frequently updated information to motorists.
  • Portable: The system is portable, hence allowing its installation (with minor modifications as necessary) at different locations.
  • Automated: The system operates in an automated manner with as minimal supervision as possible by human operators.
  • Reliable: The system provides accurate and reliable information, keeping in mind the serious consequences of misinforming motorists in work zone situations.

The most common applications for a Smart Work Zone System are below.

  • AQW (Automated Queue Warning): Based on real-time traffic data, Queue Detection and Warning Systems automatically inform travelers of the presence of downstream stop-and-go traffic with the use of message signs positioned upstream. The benefit is that motorists can anticipate the upcoming situation and the result is reduced rear-end collisions.
  • Travel time / Alternate Route suggestion: Travel Time and Alternate Route applications are continuously updated automatically to provide current travel time or length of delay time between the driver’s location and a specific destination downstream. The benefit is the motoring public is informed and can make alternate route decisions. It also prevents unexpected long backups and potential rear-end collisions.

Traffic Control Specialists, Inc. Is proud to partner with Ver-Mac and their JamLogic System for all of our smart work zone projects. Call today to see how you can benefit from this live-saving technology.

Below is a video from Ver-Mac on AQW Systems.